For a look at EVE Calendars for the years 2018 until last year, please see below.


January Keeping it green!
MarchTESOL Spain, 44th Annual National Convention
April Blue Ocean Conference, Syria
June 18th IATEFL IP&SENSIG and TEASIG Pre-Conference Event18th IATEFL YLTSIG Pre-Conference Event
September17-19th XLV FAAPI Conference, Argentina
October1st-2nd InnovateELT21 Online2nd IATEFL PronSIG Online Conference (EVEVoices)
November 12th-14th 34th Annual Conference IATEFL BESIG 19th-20th 46th National Convention TESOL Italy 5th-7th IATEFL YLTSIG Emerald Anniversary Web Conference



January & February      
July     17th – 19th Troika Experience Online Conference, Brazil
August     16th AlterYarConf, Russia
September 18th-19th InnovateELT 2020 Online 6th EFLtalks – My ELT Journey  Online 12th JALT CUE SIG Conference   Online
October     4th   IATEFL PronSIG Online Conference    Online

23rd-24th    MexTESOL Virtual Convention  Online

November 1st – 30th Hop On, Hop Off  S.O.L. Sharing One Language   Online

7th   1st P.A.R.K. Online Conference, P.A.R.K., Brno

13th-15th 33rd Annual Conference, IATEFL BESIG   Online

13th – 14th TESOL Italy 2020 Virtual Convention   Online

20th – 22nd TESOL France, Annual International Colloquium   Online (BiEVE)

27th-29th IATEFL YLTSIG Web Conference    Online

ELTAM  21st  Standing Strong Online Conference 16th-23rd JALT 2020 Online
December 5th – 6th   excitELT Online    Online

5th – 6th IATEFL TDSIG / GISIG Web Carnival  


** From 2019, EVE has been awarding BiEVEs (BiPurple, BiGreen, BiPlatinum) to events with only one plenary speaker. The event will be awarded with the badge corresponding to parity across the 2019 and 2020 events.


January & February 11th – 12th  British Council Chile, with IATEFL YLTSIG & others: 4th EFL Young Learners Conference, Santiago, Chile

23rd  IATEFL TDSIG, Web Carnival, online

16th February  FECEI Conference, Madrid, Spain  
March 6th – 8th TESOL Spain, 42nd Annual National Convention, Oviedo, Spain 7th-10th  International IATEFL Slovenia Conference, Terme Topolsica, Slovenia  
April 1st  IATEFL YLTSIG Pre-Conference Event, Liverpool, UK

4th  IATEFL YLTSIG Showcase, Liverpool, UK

26th  BRAZ-TESOL Brasília and Voices SIG, ‘Unity through diversity’, Brasilia, Brazil

27th – 28th  TED & IATEFL YLTSIG ELT Conference, Istanbul, Turkey

27th-29th, 2nd International ELT Conference, Laayoune, Morocco

1st   IATEFL TDSIG / GISIG Pre-Conference Event, Liverpool, UK 2nd – 5th  IATEFL 53rd International Conference and Exhibition, Liverpool, UK

23rd   Different Voices, Similar Goals, BRAZ-TESOL Belo Horizonte Chapter, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

May 3rd (& 9th,10th, 16th & 17th) 1st National Symposium & TTC, Tehran, Iran

3rd-5th APPI 33rd Annual APPI Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

11th  BELTA Day, Brussels, Belgium**

  12th  excitELT, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan
June 22nd Pavilion ELT Live!, Pavilion ELT, London, UK

28th – 29th HELTA TESOL, 5th Annual Convention, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  7th-8th  9th International ELT Forum, Bratislava, Slovakia

28th – 29th NanKyu JALT, SUTLF 6, Kumamoto, Japan

August   9th-13th Extensive Reading Foundation, 5th World Congress on Extensive Reading, Taichung, Taiwan  
September 28th-29th 15th Anglo Congress, Montevideo, Uruguay   7th BrELT on the Road, Brasilia, Brazil

21st  JALT CUE and BizCom ESP Symposium, Osaka, Japan

November     1st – 4th JALT2019, Nagoya City, Japan

** From 2019, EVE are awarding BiEVEs (BiPurple, BiGreen, BiPlatinum) to events with only one plenary speaker. The event will be awarded with the badge corresponding to parity across the 2018 and 2019 events.


January & February  24th Feb IATEFL TDSIG Web carnival   5th-6th Jan 3rd EFL Young Learners Conference, British Council Chile, Santiago de Chile

4th Feb  Sojo University , Kumamoto,  Japan SUTLF Conference 2018 

23rd – 25th Feb TESOL Macedonia – Thrace Northern Greece 25th Jubilee International Conference

26/02- 4/03  BrELT Pronunciation Week (online)

March  3rd – 4th TESOL Greece, Annual International Convention 10th-11th  EFLtalks, Inspiring Women of ELT online event  9th-11th  TESOL Spain Convention, Madrid.

17th GRETA, XII Encuentro Formativo para Profesorado de Inglés y ANL,  Jaén.

April 7th PD West 2018 English Australia, Western Australia branch, Perth, Australia

9th  IATEFL LAMSIG / TDSIG Pre- Conference Event, Brighton

10th IATEFL Global Issues SIG Showcase Day, Brighton, UK

9th IATEFL MaWSIG Pre-Conference Event, Brighton, UK

10th-13th  52nd Annual International IATEFL Conference & Exhibition, Brighton, UK

11th IATEFL LAMSIG Showcase Event, Brighton, UK

14th  The Hands Up Project Conference, London, UK **

May 12th CETA y GRETA XIV Encuentro Formativo, Córdoba, Spain

19th-20th JALT PanSIG Conference, Tokyo, Japan

26th GRETA XIII Encuentro Formativo, Granada, Spain

  4th Africa TESOL‘s Inaugural Pre-Conference Event (with IATEFL GISIG & YLTSIG), Dakar, Senegal

4th-5th  Sabancı University School of Languages International Conference,  Istanbul

6th  excitELT, Tokyo

June 17th Regent’s University London & Trinity College London, 3rd Future of English Language Teaching Conference, London, UK

22nd-23rd IATEFL MaWSIG & Oxford Brookes University Materials writing: Opportunities and challenges, Oxford, UK

July    11th-12th HELTA Honduras TESOL Academy, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

13th-14th HELTA Honduras TESOL 4th Annual Convention, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

20th-21st IATEFL Chile XV International Conference, Santiago, Chile

 6th-7th The Anglo Teachers’ Conference 2018, Mexico City, Mexico

20th-22nd BRAZ-TESOL YLTSIG with the support of IATEFL YLTSIG Mini Course, Caxias do Sul, Brazil

August     11th-12th 14th Anglo Congress, Montevideo, Uruguay
September 20th-21st  Inclusive English Lessons: Teaching and Learning Leuphana University, Lüneburg Germany

23rd JALTSendai ‘The mini-conference under the cherry tree’, Sendai, Japan

8th-9th JALT BizCom SIG   Tokyo, Japan

28th-29th SKA 2018 The Real Deal, Košice, Slovakia

 7th BrELT on the Road 2018, São Paulo, Brazil
October 11th-13th XLIII Annual FAAPI Conference, Río Gallegos, Argentina