The New Voices EVE is green.


From 2022*:  This EVE recognises events run by organisations who:

a) offer a programme that includes at least 10% novice or first-time speakers (where novice means first time speaking at any conference and first-time means first-time speaking at this conference).


b) run a mentoring scheme for first-time speakers.

The organisers of an ELT conference or event with a finalised programme which meets the criteria described above should contact EVE for inclusion on their calendar. We will check the programme, add the event name and hyperlink it to the organisation’s conference web page.

An event or conference whose finalised line-up meets our New Voices EVE criteria will be invited to display a bespoke green EVE, which will be sent to them.

If you have organised an event and you believe it meets the criteria, do contact us via our Contact form and send us your finalised, published line-up.

As we are a voluntary initiative, there is no cost.

Disclaimer: an event displaying our green EVE is being recognised for its policy of including new speakers and/or use of mentoring. Should any last-minute changes be made to the programme that affects the inclusion of these speakers or the use of mentoring, the EVE should be removed. However, this may not always be possible. In this case, EVE: Equal Voices in ELT will be not responsible.

*Prior to 2022, the Green EVE recognised a balance of highly proficient L1/L2 speaker plenary speakers. L1/L2 speaker parity has now been merged with the Purple EVE for Parity.